Service Body


Our Dominator® DSC12 mechanics truck is a lightweight unit capable of handling a telescopic crane up to 12,000 ft-lb.

Standard features:

  • Body rating — 12,000 ft-lb (1.7 tm)
  • Patented inverted A-Frame design
  • System integration including body, crane and air compressors
  • Rear Access Package


  • LED Lighting
  • Drawers and drawer sets
  • Adjustable shelves
  • 3″H (7.6 cm) divided adjustable shelves
  • Stabilizers — manual
  • Workbench vises and vise plates
  • Air systems
  • Telescopic cranes up to 12,000 ft-lb
  • Master Lock System

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Body Rating12,000 ft-lb
Body Weight1,700 lb
Body Width86 inches
Storage Capacity63 cu ft
Max. IMT Crane Model3203i
*Body weight and storage capacity are estimated based on product configuration.

IMT Full Line Pocket Brochure
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