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Tire Manipulator


The IMT TireHand Tire Manipulator attachment installs and rotates the massive tires on mining and construction equipment. It’s available in loader or forklift-truck mounted options, accommodates tires of to 36,000 lb (16,329.3 kg), and includes lateral shifting, optional quick-coupler attachments, as well as tire and rim assembly capabilities. It also features 100° body rotation, giving the operator flexibility and control from the security of its integrated control console.

Standard Features:

  • Up to 36,000 lb (16,329.3 kg) capacity
  • Hydraulic fallback protection
  • Rim flange hardware handling pads
  • Can be mounted on forklift or loader


  • Proportional remote controls
  • Long or short arm length available on specific models
  • Lateral shifting capabilities
  • Video monitoring system


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