Mechanics Trucks

Our powerful crane body, propane body and contractor series mechanics trucks feature thoughtful innovations to keep your equipment running — because less downtime means more work time. Increase your productivity and get back to work with an IMT mechanics truck.

Telescopic Cranes

Our telescopic cranes are designed for maximum productivity, featuring a lifting capacity of 14,000 lb (6350 kg), a variety of winch speeds, anti-two-block protection, overload shutdown systems, cylinder holding valves, and a tethered remote control. And because they’re compact, they require minimal mounting space.

Material Handling Cranes

Increase your productivity with IMT articulating cranes and hydraulic loaders. Purposeful technology makes our cranes lift more, reach farther, and last longer — so you can stick to your schedule, stay under budget, and move on to the next project.

Lube Trucks/Skids

Plentiful space, countless configurations, and lightweight polyethylene product tanks make IMT lube trucks and skids ideal solutions to keep your equipment up and running. Carry fuel, oil, grease, antifreeze and other fluids to your job site for versatility and flexibility when you need it.

Tire Service Equipment

IMT offers fully integrated tire service packages, incorporating maximum load and storage capacity. With a wide range of options, you can custom-fit each unit to your specific needs.


IMT is there for you. Whether you need a new part or want to add value to your truck with powerful accessories that equip you to perform service with ease, we've got what you need.