Crane Body


The IMT Dominator® III body has been enhanced to meet the needs of customers who require more lifting capacity. The weight of the Dominator III has been reduced by more than 500 pounds, making it significantly lighter than previous models, while maintaining stability and providing extra lift performance in critical work zones.

Standard features:

  • IMT Patented inverted A-Frame design
  • Three-Point Access Package
  • Multiplex Electrical System with Programmable Logic
  • IMT Compartment Coating (VOC-compliant polyurethane modified multicolor spray finish)
  • Workbench Bumper


  • High Intensity LED Lighting Package
  • Axalta Bedliner
  • IMT SiteStar® Lube Skid
  • Drawer sets, Adjustable Shelves
  • Stabilizers
  • Workbench Vises and Vise Plates
  • Energy-Absorbing Boom Support
  • Compartment Pressurization System
  • Compressed Air and Welding Systems
  • Headache Rack
  • Telescopic Roof
  • Master Locks

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ModelDominator III (11')
Body Rating81,000 ft-lb
Body Weight4,090 lb
Body Width96 inches
Storage Capacity160 cu ft
Max. IMT Crane Model12000
ModelDominator III (14')
Body Rating81,000 ft-lb
Body Weight4,772 lb
Body Width96 inches
Storage Capacity195 cu ft
Max. IMT Crane Model12000
*Body weight and storage capacity are estimated based on product configuration.

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IMT Full Line Pocket Brochure

IMT Commercial Vehicle Brochure

IMT Dominator III Specs

DOM III_Sidepack Dimensions
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