OTR Truck


Get your customers up and running faster than ever with IMT Commander® series over-the-road (OTR) tire trucks. Designed to survive punishing off-road conditions, they include our powerful TireHand® tire manipulator, lots of storage, and a compressed air system. Tire dealers are among the most frequent users of the Commander® III.

Standard features:

  • Designed for 33,000 lb GVW chassis (19′ Commander® III available on a tandem axle chassis up to 56,000 lb GVW).
  • 17′ body with for payload capability up to 8600 lb
  • 129,000 ft-lb articulating crane — crane capacity from 14,000 lb @ 7′ to 8000 lb @ 16′ 2″
  • TireHand® clamping span of 61″ – 21″


  • CAS440HU 45 CFM hydraulic driven compressor
  • CAS4110HU 110 CFM hydraulic driven compressor

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Min. GVWR33,000 lb
Max. Crane Capacity12,000 lb
Max. Tire Weight7,000 lb
Total Available Payload7,000 lb

IMT Full Line Pocket Brochure

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