Articulating Cranes


For exceptional strength, stability, and reach, choose an IMT® 22/153 articulating crane. Delivering a max lifting capacity of 17,065 lb (7740 kg) for the SL model and 17,550 lb (7960 kg) for the DL model, as well as a horizontal reach of 71 ft 2 in (21.7 m) for both, these compact cranes lift higher and farther. Their unique hexagonal boom design, innovative features and options, and the ability to stow within themselves make 22/153 cranes perfect for most any job site.

Standard features:
• Application-specific product offering
• Superior lift-to-weight ratio
• Long-reach capabilities
• Hexagonal booms for superior reach and maximum control

• Various stabilizer configurations
• Double link arm system
• Boom mounted winch
• Floodlight on outer boom
• Boom tip functions for hydraulic attachments
• Oil cooler
• Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) System

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Model22/153 SL
Crane Rating148,275 ft-lb
Crane Weight6,050 lb
Max Lift Capacity17,065 lb
Max. Horizontal Reach71'2 "
Model22/153 DL
Crane Rating149,000 ft-lb
Crane Weight6,240 lb
Max Lift Capacity17,550 lb
Max. Horizontal Reach71'2 "


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