Masters of Control

December 7, 2021

We know you can’t have the power to control everything — but you do have complete control over your crane and IMT Dominator® mechanic truck. IMT has increased your level of control with the IMT® CMD.CTRL™ system that combines strong, reliable hardware with flexible, intuitive software.

The new CMD.CTRL master control panel is in the right rear crane compartment. Just as you can use the remote control, you can also utilize all functions of the Dominator mechanic truck’s body within the master control panel. With the new system come new capabilities. New to this system is the ability to do what’s called crane recovery. In the absence of the remote control, or if it becomes damaged, but you still need to use or store your crane, you can use crane recovery mode and the directional arrows to control it. In this mode, all flow is reduced by 50%, which allows for smoother movement and safe operation. Another new feature is engaging the PTO and the compressor within the vehicle functions section. In the old system, you were only able to turn your compressor on and off via the remote. Now, it can be activated via both the remote control and the master control panel.

 Additionally, the upgraded CMD.CTRL unit has a diagnostics section. This gives you the ability to see inputs, outputs, crane fault codes and more — empowering you to quickly and efficiently diagnose issues to maintain optimal uptime.

 Learn more about the new and improved CMD.CTRL system right from one of our field service representatives, Curt Koebrick.