32/222 Articulating Crane

June 22, 2018

Power up your productivity with the IMT® 32/222 articulating crane. Featuring a superior lift-to-weight ratio, our 32/222 model has a maximum lift capacity of 15,058 pounds (6830 kg) and one of the industry’s longest maximum horizontal reaches in the 30 tm range: 69 feet 7 inches (21.2 meters). This crane offers the performance, versatility and dependability you need to enhance efficiency — even on the most challenging jobsites.

About this crane:

✓ 222,050 ft-lb Crane Rating

✓ 15,058 lb Max. Lift Capacity

✓ Application-specific product offering

✓ Superior lift-to-weight ratio

✓ Long-reach capabilities

✓ Hexagonal booms for superior reach and maximum control