10-72 SL Articulating Crane

May 30, 2018

IMT® articulating cranes have hexagonal boom design for superior reach and precise control. With a maximum lift capacity of 9722 lb (4410 kg) for the 10/72 SL model and 10,384 lb (4710 kg) for the 10/72 DL model, these compact cranes have a superior lift-to-weight ratio and can stow within themselves, a perfect addition to your fleet to help get the job done.

About this Crane:

✓ 75,791 ft-lb Crane Rating

✓ 9,722 lb Max. Lift Capacity

✓ Application-specific product offering

✓ Superior lift-to-weight ratio

✓ Long-reach capabilities

✓ Hexagonal booms for superior reach and maximum control