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Contractors.jpgStandard Warranty

Products manufactured by IMT are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under proper use, application, and maintenance in accordance with IMT’s written recommendations, instructions, and specifications from IMT.

The standard 12-month warranty covers:

  • One year labor on IMT workmanship 
  • One year original and replacement IMT parts 
  • Two years original rotary screw airend assembly 
  • Three years original IMT crane structural parts 
  • Three years paint coverage 
  • Five years Dominator® rust-through coverage 
  • Five years SiteStar® lubrication tanks structural coverage 
  • 90 days rebuilt parts

This warranty requires the installation of hour meters in the crane and compressor circuits for customers to reference for proper planned maintenance intervals.

DiamondShield_Warranty.jpgDiamond Shield™ Warranty

For additional protection, we offer the Diamond Shield™ 36-month Warranty. Diamond Shield covers qualified commercial vehicles purchased from IMT, with components — body, crane, and compressed air systems — manufactured by IMT.

Diamond Shield includes the following components:

  • A 36-month warranty on body, crane, and compressor components, as defined by the formal policy
  • Three-year PM kit oil and air filters, compressor oil, gear grease, etc. Based on calendar usage only; if hour use is unusually high, for instance, multiple shifts a day, the planned maintenance schedule and parts will need to be increased to keep the equipment in proper working order, per IMT manuals 

Warranty Registration
Warranty registration will be handled by your distributor, who will also provide you with the 36-month planned maintenance (PM) kits required to keep your commercial vehicle in peak condition. Evidence that routine maintenance has not been performed may affect warranty claims.