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Dominator III

Dominator® III

Our Dominator® III body was enhanced to meet the needs of customers who require more lifting capacity. The weight of the Dominator III has been reduced by more than 500 pounds, making it significantly lighter than previous models, while maintaining stability and providing extra lift performance in critical work zones.

Standard features:
  • Drawers and drawer sets
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Master lock system
  • Hydraulic stabilizers
  • Workbench vises and vise plates
  • LED work lights and compartment lights
  • Compartment pressurization system
  • Air systems

Notes For Specification Table Below:
  • Body weight is based on configuration.
  • Storage capacity includes workbench
SpecificationsDominator III (11')Dominator III (14')
Body Rating81,000 ft-lb81,000 ft-lb
Sidepack Height52"-60" (132.8-152.4 cm)52"-60" (132.8-152.4 cm)
Body Width96"96"
Compartment Storage Capacity159.7 ft³-164.9 ft³195 ft³-201 ft³
Body Weight4090-4109 lb4772-4806 lb