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Enclosed Lube

13' Enclosed Lube Truck

The SiteStar® enclosed lube truck — which comes in either a 17-foot or a 13-foot body — meets the needs of customers who want to shield product tanks and personnel from the elements when doing lube services in the field. The IMT SiteStar enclosed lube truck uses polyethylene product tanks rather than steel, which means an 80 percent reduction in tank weight. Other advantages of poly tanks include cleaner fluid storage, easier tank replacement and contamination control.

Specifications13' Enclosed Lube Truck
Body Height121" (307.3 cm)
Body Weight6625 lb (3005 kg)
Available Poly Tank Sizes75 – 350 gallon (284 – 1325 L)
Available Rectangle Steel Fuel Tanks418 – 800 gallon (1582.3 – 3028.3 L)
Available Elliptical Fuel TanksN/A
Available Fluid SystemsOil, Fuel, Anti-Freeze, Salvage, Grease