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Crane Body


With enhanced strength and stability for higher crane loads, numerous configuration possibilities, and a body rating of 52,000 ft-lb (7.3 tm), the Dominator I mechanics truck offers exceptional performance in virtually any industry. With the Dominator I mechanics truck, you don’t have to bring your equipment into the shop for service, because the shop comes to you.

Standard features:

  • IMT Patented inverted A-Frame design
  • Three-Point Access Package
  • Multiplex Electrical System with Programmable Logic
  • IMT Compartment Coating (VOC-compliant polyurethane modified multicolor spray finish)
  • Workbench Bumper


  • High Intensity LED Lighting Package
  • Axalta Bedliner
  • IMT SiteStar® Lube Skid
  • Drawer sets, Adjustable Shelves
  • Lightweight, customizable bolt bins
  • Compact workbench bumper
  • Stabilizers
  • Workbench Vises and Vise Plates
  • Energy-Absorbing Boom Support
  • Compartment Pressurization System
  • Compressed Air and Welding Systems
  • Headache Rack
  • Telescopic Roof
  • Master Locks

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ModelDominator I (9')
Body Rating52,000 ft-lb
Body Weight2,728 lb
Body Width96 inches
Storage Capacity97 cu ft
Max. IMT Crane Model8600
ModelDominator I (11')
Body Rating52,000 ft-lb
Body Weight2,806 lb
Body Width96 inches
Storage Capacity104 cu ft
Max. IMT Crane Model8600
*Body weight and storage capacity are estimated based on product configuration.


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