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The TH15K160 TireHand attachment installs and rotates the massive tires on mining and construction equipment. It features 100 degree body rotation and is available for forklift or loader truck-mounted options.

Standard features:
  • Up to 15,000 lb (6803.9 kg) capacity
  • Hydraulic fallback protection operated from the cab
  • Rim flange hardware handling pads
  • 100° body rotation system and 360° rotating pads
  • Loader and forklift truck mount options

Max. Capacity15,000 lb (6803.9 kg)
Body Rotation System100 Degree Cylinder
Pad Rotation System360 Degree Rotating Pads
Forklift Mounted Weight9200 lb (4173 kg)
Loader Mounted Weight10,200 lb (4626.6 kg)
Clamping Span43" – 160" (109.2 – 406.4 cm)