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Our 610K-MCS/RC articulating crane is rated at 39,370 ft-lb and features a horizontal reach of 35'4".
Standard features:
  • Application-specific product offering
  • Superior lift-to-weight ratio
  • Long-reach capabilities
  • Hexagonal booms for superior reach and maximum control
Maximum Crane Rating39,370 ft-lb (6 tm)
Maximum Lift Capacity6,526 lb (2960 kg)
Maximum Horizontal Reach35' 4" (10.8 m)
Maximum Horizontal Reach Capacity948 lb (430 kg)
Crane Rating39,370 ft-lb (6 tm)
Horizontal Reach35' 4" (10.8 m)
Lift Cap at Min Hor Reach3,814 lb (1730 kg)
Operating Weight1,841 lb (835 kg)